Compliance, Managed.

SaaS Platform for water utilities to manage all your regulations in one place

Cloud. Secure. Enteprise. Economical

You talked. We listened.

For too long, the heroes that work night and day to make sure the water we use is safe and secure have relied on outdated and ugly software. We have spent the past 5 years talking to users who work in water, listening to what they need rather than being told what they should use.

Compliance Resource Planning is born

The mission of every water utility is to provide safe and secure water services. Before now, there has been no single piece of software that allows you to do that. You are forced to rely on Excel to pull together data to prove to regulators that you are doing everything needed to meet your mission.

Hello CRP

Compliance Resource Planning (CRP) is the name of software that contains all the apps you need to meet your regulatory mission.

Integrate with your business

End the status quo of compliance as an after thought. CRP integrates compliance into core business so you can save money and time.


Exclusively built for water

Klir is built specifically and exclusively for the water utility industry.

Out of the box

Klir comes preloaded with all the regulations that affect your utility with easy tools to finesse the platform with local rules.

The platform

Single source of software for all the tasks, workflows and data needed to do your day to day compliance jobs.


Best in class military grade security on the cloud


gives every utility access to enterprise grade software without the millions of dollars price tag

Know you are compliant rather than assume it

Every user tells the same story. A late night lying in bed, restless, wondering did they remember to do all the tasks they needed to do according to their regs or permits.

Log onto your dashboard in seconds to see your open tasks
Roll over and go back to sleep
Automatic reports for management meetings

A project your IT & procurement team can get behind

IT teams in modern utilities are swamped with legacy IT systems and expensive support contracts. Business owners are coming to them on a weekly basis with a new IT system they want. It is then left to IT to try and figure out how all of this integrates together and supports their IT strategy. Procurement are forced to pay more and more to support out of date systems. With budgets tightening, better control and better prices for software are key.

End of Stand Alone Systems

Say goodby to stand alone IT systems and solo runs. Klir is an expansive platform that sits on a single data source

The end of integration fees

No more costly outsourced integration fees. Instead when users want to add new forms or workflows, the super users do it themselves with point and click form builders and workflow managers.

Best in class

Support. Hosting. Upgrades. It is all included in one transparent price. To top it off, Klir is ISO 27001 certified and can breeze through IT security checklists.

Procurement is a breeze

Clear cost benefit resources are made available so you can concentrate on making water safe. Klir is sole source eligible and aligns to procurement thresholds.

Goodbye long projects

No more long implementation plans, requirement gathering or painful secondments. And the risk of getting a piece of software that doesn't work a year later is gone.

Works out of the box

Because Klir was built specifically for the water industry and for your area it works out of the box. You can be managing your compliance tomorrow morning on Klir.

You're in great company.

The best in the industry trust Klir with their compliance, see what they have to say...

Dave Johnson

Klir is a mission critical platform for us. The Klir team are experts in their field, working with them is a pleasure.

Dave Johnson — Deputy GM at LVVWD
Keith Abercrombie

The Klir team are experts in the water sector and know exactly what is needed and where. Everything is easy with Klir from procurement to implementation and support

Keith Abercrombie — COO of SCV Water


We are a group of humans with a shared goal

David Lynch


Water policy expert and passionate about IT. Dave has 10 years experience in Water globally. He has architected water IT systems globally and learnt at all levels of government and utilities.

Elaine Kelly


12 years delivering projects and IT water software expert. Worked internationally with the biggest firms in the world to delivery successful projects.


Klir is backed by the best in the technology and water industry

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