Klir is compliance in 1️⃣ simple solution.

From drinking to wastewater and everything in between. Klir manages all regulations in one software solution giving you 100% confidence you are compliant, instead of assuming you are.

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Making water better

Some of our global customers

Built for water experts

We have spent the past 10 years listening to users who work in water to create Klir for your needs.

Safe & secure water services is our shared mission

Compliance isn’t a one person job, it’s a company wide effort. We understand the difficulties with having many task owners across different teams. Klir allows information to be easily shared across the whole utility meaning if anyone is out for any reason, 0 tasks are missed.

Exclusively built for the water industry

For too long, the professionals managing water have had to put up with substandard ugly software, hacked from other industries. Klir’s intuitive and modern software leaves users over the 🌙.

Out of the box

Klir™ comes preloaded with all the regulations that affect your utility with easy tools to finesse the platform with local rules.

The platform

Single source of software for all the tasks, workflows and data needed to do your day to day compliance jobs.
Klir™ uses AES 256-bit keys to encrypt your data so you have best in class military grade security on the cloud. To top it off we are ISO 27001 certified.


Gives every utility access to enterprise grade software without the millions of dollars price tag

Compliance Resource Planning is born

The mission of every water utility is to provide safe and secure water services. Before now, there has been no single piece of software that allows you to do that. You are forced to rely on Excel to pull together data to prove to regulators that you are doing everything needed to meet your mission.

Hello CRP
Compliance Resource Planning (CRP) is the name of software that contains all the apps you need to meet your regulatory mission.
Integrate with your business
End the status quo of compliance as an after thought. CRP integrates compliance into core business so you can save money and time.
Looks great
Easy to use
Try it yourself!

You're in great company.

The best in the industry trust Klir with their compliance, see what they have to say…


Klir is a mission critical platform for us. The Klir team are experts in their field, working with them is a pleasure.

Dave Johnson – Deputy GM at Las Vegas Water District


The Klir team are experts in the water sector and know exactly what is needed and where. Everything is easy with Klir from procurement to implementation and support.

Keith Abercrombie – COO of Santa Clarita Water Division

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