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Why We Do What We Do

The theory behind Klir

The world's water is in crisis.

Water is the #1 problem facing humanity. Climate change, aging infrastructure, quality and quantity challenges make the problem seem too big to solve.

But there is hope...

The amount of water on this planet is constant. We know more about water, the challenges it faces and innovative technology to solve these issues than ever before in human history. The industry is run by incredibly talented scientists and engineers.

But administration and paper work takes more than half of their working time.

Let us take care of your busy work.

It makes no sense to have the people with the expertise to solve our water challenges chasing data and pushing paper.

Klir automates and manages the administration of a water utility so the experts can get back to being scientists and engineers rather than data administrators.

We make water better by giving you the time back to make water better.


David Lynch



Elaine Kelly


David is a water policy expert and passionate about the power of software. He has architected water IT systems globally for over 10 years and learned at all levels of government and utilities what users actually need.

Elaine has 12 years successfully delivering software projects for the biggest organizations in the world. She is also an established IT water software expert and recognized as a leader in the industry.

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