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Is the approach of managing water through a community system dying?

Published by David on
I am, at my very core, a centrist. No matter what subject, taking an extreme position at one end or an other rarely works. I like to describe this fondly as living in a world of grey, however bleak it might sound to an outside reader. I apply this ethos to almost every aspect of my ... Read More

6 Keys to Sustainable Permit Management in Water Utilities

Published by Editor on
Permit management and more generally environmental compliance are a fundamental corporate goal of a water utility. But also one that is increasingly challenging to achieve, as the data to support this objective is generated across multiple functions and stored in disparate IT systems.<... Read More

Jumping The Permit Compliance Hurdle

Published by Editor on
How could water utilities better plan for permit compliance? For any entity conducting business – whether it is providing a public service or selling a good – predictability is a key to long-term survival. You might not be able to control input cost changes, shifts in demand, or adverse events, b... Read More

As Cross-Border Water Pollution Worsens, Solutions Prove Elusive

Published by Editor on
Decades ago, the saying was that “the solution to pollution is dilution.” Billions of people and tons of pollution fouling our water, air, and lands later, it is not so simple. The planet used to seem so vast and empty that we believed the raw waste we dumped, flushed or sent out a pipe could not... Read More

Smart Water Systems: New Promise for Wastewater Efficiencies

Published by Editor on
Smart water systems empower utilities to provide better service at lower costs, increased effectiveness and efficiency, and with reduced environmental impacts. While ground-breaking data collection and analysis technologies make smart water systems possible, increased pressure on resources from t... Read More