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7 laws of Compliance Planning

Those who have seen me speak publicly or read some of my previous work may know how much I tip Compliance Resource Planning as being the next big thing not just in water, where it is now prevalent but in other sectors where it is emerging. I am often asked

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Jumping The Permit Compliance Hurdle

How could water utilities better plan for permit compliance? For any entity conducting business – whether it is providing a public service or selling a good – predictability is a key to long-term survival. You might not be able to control input cost changes, shifts in demand, or adverse events,

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Smart Water Systems: Data and the Future of Water

Smart water systems empower utilities to provide better service at lower costs, increased effectiveness and efficiency, and with reduced environmental impacts. While ground-breaking data collection and analysis technologies make smart water systems possible, increased pressure on resources from threats like climate change make it necessary. As just one sobering example,

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