Case Study


Kliring the way for permitting peace of mind.

With a number of key employees set to retire in the next few years, Kevin Fisher, the Director of Water Quality and Treatment at the Southern Nevada Water Authority, (SNWA) decided to take a deeper look at the impact this would have on permitting, and SNWA’s ability to stay in compliance.

It did not take Kevin long to realize that no one on the senior management team had a handle organizational- ly on how many permits were being managed. Everyone had his or her little piece of permitting, but the full view was missing. He would later discover that they had a phenomenal number of permits – over 3,000 all told. Each one, of course, had some sort of requirement to fulfil for a key regulatory body. Not reporting or complying would mean that the utility would be subject to a fine or penalty – which in many cases could be quite material.

With permits being handled by different individuals within the utility without the support of a central permitting database and with permit numbers and complexity increasing, there was simply too much risk. When key employees who had been managing these permits retired, so too would the “system”.
Recognizing this, Kevin and the team at SNWA turned to Klir and our permit management system to pull all this information together. The Klir solution takes the risk of managing and complying with permits out of the admin of its employees, centralizes the information and automates all the tasks and activities to comply with all permitting across the organization.

The solution.

The Klir team came on site and spent a “day in the life” with SNWA to understand how permitting was being currently managed. The team then met with all key operators to present the findings, provide an overview of how the Klir software would benefit them and next steps to get them up and running with Klir as soon as possible.

The Klir team then worked with SNWA to:

The Impact.

As a result of implementing Klir’s permit management software SNWA experience the following impact:

Unexpected Benefits.

SNWA also experience a number of extended benefits by implementing Klir’s permit management software including:



"After successfully completing a pilot of the Klir technology, we are nowdeploying the platform across our organization to help improve the efficiency of our environmental compliance and permit management processes. The Klir Team understands regulatory permitting for the water sector and they have worked diligently to learn our complex systems and processes to ensure effective integration and successful, wide-scale deployment."

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