Case Study – Southern Nevada Water Authority

Case Study

How Klir’s Permit Management Solution
Helped the Southern Nevada Water Authority
Prepare for the Retirement Wave

By Centralizing Permit Management with Klir, the Las Vegas Agency Has Minimized the Knowledge Drain

At a Glance.

The Challenge.

Like many water authorities, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) was confronting a looming retirement wave. 

With a number of key employees set to retire, Kevin Fisher, the Director of Water Quality and Treatment decided to take a deeper look at the impact this would have on permitting, and the SNWA’s ability to stay in compliance.

No one knew how many permits were being managed—a total they would discover totaled over 3,000. Each one had unique requirements to fulfil for a key regulatory body. Not reporting or complying would mean that the utility could be subject to severe penalties and fines.

With permits being handled across the organization without a central permitting database, there was simply too much risk. 

The biggest concern: when the key employees responsible for these permits retire, so will their offline processes and systems.

The solution.

Kevin and the SNWA team turned to Klir’s permit management system to pull this information together. Klir takes the risk of managing and complying with permits of the individual by centralizing the information and automating the tasks and activities needed to comply with all permitting across the organization.

“The Klir Team understands regulatory permitting for the water sector and they have worked diligently to learn our complex systems and processes to ensure effective integration and successful, wide-scale deployment,” says Kevin.

With permits across the organization now managed in Klir:

The Impact.

With 100% visibility for management into all permits, SNWA has:

"After successfully completing a pilot of the Klir technology, we are now deploying the platform across our organization to help improve the efficiency of our environmental compliance and permit management processes"
Kevin Fisher
Director of Water Quality and Treatment

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