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Frustrated with spreadsheets?

It’s time to start managing your operations data in a sustainable way that is built for the long term.

Klir is a dedicated water analytics platform that gives your team complete confidence that you’re compliant today, so you can plan for tomorrow.

Why water analytics beat spreadsheets every time

Enter modern water analytics platforms like Klir, which promise to fix these problems by providing a cloud-based, secure, centralized repository for critical reporting data and information crucial to plant operations.

Cut down on data loss and ambiguity

Dedicated water analytics platforms create a central, secure, and reliable collection point for all of your information.

Save time through automation

Water analytics software like Klir are built for tasks like permitting and sampling, making it easier to automate data collection and analysis.

Enable collaborative, confident asset building

Unlike spreadsheets, platforms enable collaboration and information exchange in real time, creating an environment that encourages staff to build and take care of information assets, rather than making it a chore

Better accommodate growth

Centralizing and cataloguing your information using a dedicated platform, is like zooming out to get the full picture, providing your team with an entirely new perspective on which processes might need revising.

Why Trust Klir?

Built by water experts, for water experts, Klir is an all-in-one cloud-based platform helping you automate thousands of manual tasks across your water utility to deliver safe and secure water services to everyone.

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