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Spreadsheets vs. Water Information Management Software (WIMS)

4 Biggest Risks of Using Excel for Utilities

You know that accurate data and efficiency matters for your utility. So why risk data redundancies and wasted time with Excel and spreadsheets? 

Here’s why water utilities everywhere are ditching spreadsheet stress for cloud-based bliss—and how you can get up to speed, fast. 

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Spreadsheets vs. Water Information Management Software (WIMS)

4 Biggest Risks of Using Excel for Utilities

It’s time to start managing your operations data in a sustainable way that is built for the long term.

Klir is a dedicated water analytics platform that gives your team complete confidence that you’re compliant today, so you can plan for tomorrow.

As more water utility operators engage in digital transformation projects, it pays to ask the question: what exactly are we missing out on by sticking to our spreadsheets?

Trust One Source of Data Truth


Forget about lost data and redundancies. A dedicated WIMS gives your organization a central, secure, and reliable source for every bit of data


Stop wasting time (and money) crunching numbers in spreadsheets. WIMS like Klir can automate tasks like permitting, sampling, data collection, and analysis.

Boost Teamwide Collaboration

Instead of relying on individual digital or physical files, a cloud-based WIMS like Klir allows everyone in your org to share and work from up-to-date assets and datasets in real-time.

See the Bigger Picture

With centralized, accurate, and organized data, seeing the bigger picture of your org has never been easier. The result? Spot trends faster, track growth, and better plan for the road ahead.

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Why Trust Klir?

Built by water experts, for water experts, Klir is an all-in-one cloud-based platform helping you automate thousands of manual tasks across your water utility to deliver safe and secure water services to everyone.

Ditch Spreadsheets for Cloud-Based Bliss Today

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