Why Klir

The future of Compliance is Online

Use Klir to stay ahead of the game, saving you time and money.

Know you are compliant rather than assume it

Every user tells the same story. You have a niggling feeling, wondering did you remember to do all the tasks you needed to do according to their regs or permits.


Simple set up

Have all your compliance up and running on the Klir system in weeks.

Easy to use

Klirs user friendly interface means everyone can easily find the information they need without any hassle.


We believe high end technology should be available to all utilities in order to achieve our shared goal and make water better.

A project your IT & procurement team can get behind

IT teams in modern utilities are swamped with legacy IT systems and expensive support contracts. Business owners are coming to them on a weekly basis with a new IT system they want. It is then left to IT to try and figure out how all of this integrates together and supports their IT strategy. Procurement are forced to pay more and more to support out of date systems. With budgets tightening, better control and better prices for software are key.
End of Stand Alone Systems
Say goodbye to stand alone IT systems and solo runs. Klir is an expansive platform that sits on a single data source
The end of integration fees
No more costly outsourced integration fees. Instead when users want to add new forms or workflows, the super users do it themselves with point and click form builders and workflow managers.
Best in class
Support. Hosting. Upgrades. It is all included in one transparent price. To top it off, Klir is ISO 27001 certified and can breeze through IT security checklists.
Procurement is a breeze
Clear cost benefit resources are made available so you can concentrate on making water safe. Klir is sole source eligible and aligns to procurement thresholds.
Goodbye long projects
No more long implementation plans, requirement gathering or painful secondments. And the risk of getting a piece of software that doesn’t work a year later is gone.
Works out of the box
Because Klir was built specifically for the water industry and for your area it works out of the box. You can be managing your compliance tomorrow morning on Klir.