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The All-In-One Operating System for Water

Water is a single, connected system. Isn’t it time your utility team worked the same way? 

Klir is a cloud-based Water Information Management Systems (WIMS)  to make it easier than ever to capture what happens in your utility in a way that’s faster, more reliable, and safer than ever, all within a single, dedicated platform.

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Water Information Management Done For You

Forget about spreadsheets and long lost paper files with critical information. Klir gives your team an all-in-one platform for permit management, sampling, reporting, and more.






Treatment Plants


Cross Connections


Industrial Pretreatment

One Dashboard, Total Clarity

No more bouncing between documents, spreadsheets, and outdated software to get things done. Klir brings all your work together, so nothing seeps through the cracks.

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You’re in Good Company

Here’s what water professionals like you are saying about Klir.

"It is a lot more than automation—it is a central database and I now know where to go to find the data I need"
Keith Abercrombie
COO, Santa Clarita Water Valley
“Klir is a mission critical platform for us. The Klir team are experts in their field, working with them is a pleasure.”
Dave Johnson
Deputy GM at Las Vegas Water District

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